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Development and financing

Managing the organisation

During 2010 we improved some aspects of our functioning. Our indicators of success we improved, we renewed Focus strategy, upgraded our knowledge and skills for working on policy issues and trained communication skills. Because of his studies, the leader of Energy program had to leave Focus. The leader of Mobility program joined Focus again after maternity leave. A trainee from Germany spent half a year in Focus to learn about and assist our work.

Working with our members / volunteers

Our members and volunteers were informed by means of sending news and interesting information, by including them in the preparation and the carrying out of our projects and sending them to various happenings in Slovenia and abroad.

Transparency of our work

Since we demand transparent work from other actors, we attempt to keep our activities transparent too. We guarantee our transparency through the maintaining of our web page, informing people about our activities and press releases. Annual report is just another mean of increasing our transparency.

Financing of activities

In 2010 Focus achieved income amounting to 126.257 EUR and had costs amounting to 128.743 EUR. Cost surpassed the income by 2.496 EUR.
Overview of the donors and co-financing institutions for 2010 is available here.

Statement of business results in the period from 1 January to 31 December 2010

Incomes from activities 121.073 EUR

  • Incomes from budget and other public funds 25.190 EUR
  • Incomes from legal and individual persons 16.778 EUR
  • Incomes from sales of services 79.105 EUR
  • Financial incomes 88 EUR
  • Other incomes 5.096 EUR

    Total income: 126.257 EUR

Expenses 128.743 EUR

  • Expenses for materials 633 EUR
  • Expenses for services 107.826 EUR
  • Cost of work: 6.071 EUR
  • Donations to other legal persons 12.891 EUR
  • Amortisation expenses 1.322 EUR
  • Financial expenses 10 EUR

Result (Incomes - Expenses): - 2.496 EUR

Statement of balance on the 31 December 2010

Resources 47.467 EUR

  • Long-term resources (Equipment after amortisation) 488 EUR
  • Short-term resources 25.979 EUR (Expected short-term incomes from members and buyers 23.892 EUR, Financial resources 2.087 EUR)
  • Short-term active time divisions 21.000 EUR

Obligations 47.467 EUR

  • Association's fund 9.373 EUR
  • Other short-term obligations 35.594 EUR (Short term financial obligations 22.000, Short term business obligations 22.000)
Focus, Association for Sustainable Development
Maurerjeva 7
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
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 Focus ID Aim Who is who? Co-operation Financing Contact